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OVPR Research Resource Directory

This directory contains links to University of Minnesota resources - services, facilities, and equipment available to provide support for the diverse range of research communities across the University system. Each entry includes a brief description, contact phone/email, and a link to the website.

We hope you find this directory a useful tool and welcome your comments or suggestions. If you are aware of other available services, facilities or equipment that are not listed here or if you have trouble connecting with a resource, please contact us.

CategoryUniversity ResourceDescriptionAvailable To Broader Community?Equip/Service LocationsStaff Avail to Provide Equip Training?Contact
Physical Sci/Engineering Aqueous Geochemistry Lab Provides analytical equipment for geochemical research on the chemistry of natural fluids. The analytical equipment includes: Ion Chromatography (IC); Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS), and Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES). The lab also contains hydrothermal solution equipment for mineral synthesis studies. No check website No 612-624-1333
Info Tech & Computing Basic Sciences Computing Lab Provides researchers with access to a unique mixture of computational servers, workstations, visualization tools, software and technical support. No 1-280 Hasselmo Hall No 612-626-0802
Clinical/Translational Sciences Biomedical Infomatics Designs, implements, and supports cutting-edge informatics tools. No check website No 612-626-2318
Info Tech & Computing Biomedical Modeling, Simulation, and Design Lab Provides University researchers with access to workstations, software, and technical support for scientific computation and visualization. No 414, 717 Delaware No 612-626-0802
Bio Med/Bio Tech BioNet - Tissue Procurement Facility, Histology and Digital Imaging Prospectively obtains surgically resected tissue for research while safeguarding all aspects of patient care. Tissues are available fresh, frozen in liquid nitrogen, embedded in the cryopreservative O.C.T., or fixed in formalin and paraffin embedded. The Histology and Immunohistochemistry Lab offers a full line of histology services, including services such as tissue block processing, paraffin embedding, tissue microarray (TMA) production, and immunohistochemistry (IHC). The Digital imaging lab provides computer-aided whole-slide digitization and stian quantification. No MMC #69 No 612-273-6652
Biology/Biochem Biophysical Spectroscopy Center Provides state-of-the-art instrumental resources for optical spectroscopy and EPR available to all U of MN researchers. No 20 Snyder Hall No 612-625-7763
Statistical Services Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center Provides a wide range of statistical and/or computer services, which include study planning, designing of forms, data management, statistical analysis, and results summarization. No check website No 612-626-6032
Bio Med/Bio Tech Biotechnology Resource Center A Biodale consortium resource that provides capabilities to grow a wide range of microorganisms from shake-flask to 240L fermenter scale and to recover the cells and/or metabolites. A particular area of expertise is the expression and purification of recombinant proteins. Yes 140 Gortner Laboratory No 612-624-6758
Community Outreach Center for Health Equity (CHE) The Center for Health Equity (CHE) aims to provide opportunities for scholars and community members to partner and conduct research that can promote health equity. No 717 Delaware St SE Suite 166 No 612-626-3378
Bio Med/Bio Tech Center for Mass Spectometry and Proteomics Provides support, equipment, and expertise for analyzing complex protein mixtures. Yes 5-194 MCB43 Gortner Laboratory No 612-625-2279, 612-625-2280
Biology/Biochem Center for Mass Spectometry and Proteomics Provides support, equipment, and expertise for analyzing complex protein mixtures. Yes 5-194 MCB43 Gortner Laboratory No 612-625-2279, 612-625-2280
Clinical/ Translational Sciences Center for Translational Medicine Supports the development and translation of innovative drugs, biologics and devices into Phase 1 clinical trials. Services include the design and conduct of in vitro and in vivo preclinical pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetic studies necessary for the IND/IDE and as well Phase 1 clinical trial design and implementation. No Moos Tower No 612-626-3533
Imaging Characterization Facility Provides a multi-user, shared instrumentation facility for materials research spanning from nanotechnology to biology and medicine. No 12 Shepherd Labs No 612-626-7594
Fabrication/Repair Chemistry Research Stock Room Provides U of M staff, faculty and students with supplies for chemistry research. No RM S-17 Smith Hall No 612-625-3329
Clinical/Translational Sciences Clinical Support Services Supports research conducted in the context of clinical care. Coordinates Good Clinical Practices-compliant studies, subject recruitment, collection of biological samples and other forms of data, case report forms completion, and adverse event reporting. No check website No 612-624-4628
Clinical/Translational Sciences Clinical Trial Monitoring Service Offers free support for investigator-initiated clinical trials, meets monitoring requirements of the FDA, NIH, ICH, and AHC, and ensures compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards. No check website No 612-626-2318
Auxiliary Services Cloquet Forestry Center Serves the research, teaching, and education needs of the natural resources community and offers a natural setting for business or educational events with accommodations for groups ranging from 2 to 140 people. Yes 175 University Road Cloquet, MN No 218-726-6400
Fabrication/Repair Coating Process and Visualization Laboratory Offers research coating and drying equipment, high-speed and high-resolution cameras, long working distance lenses, 3D digital video microscope (0-7000x magnification), high intensity fiberoptic light sources, lasers, and instruments to measure surface tension and contact angles to all researchers. May also provide help in the design of small scientific apparatuses. No 151 Amundson Hall No 612-625-0559
Info Tech & Computing Computational Genetics Lab Meets the computational needs of the computational biology community, especially in the areas of genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, and systems biology. Provides researchers with access to hardware, software, and technical support related to computational biology. No 138 Cargill Building No 612-626-0802
Auxiliary Services Conference and Event Services No Comstock East 1092 No 612-625-9090
Auxiliary Services Conference Services and Program Planning Offers a variety of services to support academic and association meetings, grant funded programs, research dissemination efforts, and interdisciplinary programs. Organizes all types of programs, including conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops, colloquiums, and short courses. Yes 352 Ruttan Hall No 612-624-3602
Genetics/Genomic Cytogenetics Provides investigators with a variety of cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic services. No 4-140 Moos Tower No 612-626-3302,
Genetics/Genomic DNA Sequencing and Analysis Facility Offers state-of-the-art instrumentation and experienced staff to assist scientists with genetic analysis services. No 20 Snyder Hall No 612-625-7736
Physical Sci/Engineering Electron Microprobe Laboratory Provides non-destructive chemical analyses of solids using a JEOL 8900 Electron Probe Microanalyzer. No 108 Pillsbury Hall No 612-624-7370
Fabrication/Repair Electronic Instrument Services Provides repair and calibration of most types of laboratory equipment. No 25 Biological Science Center No 612-625-6745
Fabrication/Repair Electronics Shop Sets up and repairs computers, sells electronic parts and components, provides electronic services and designs and constructs custom electronics. No 136 Smith Hall No 612-624-7007
Clinical/ Translational Sciences Experimental Surgery Services Determines the safety and efficacy of devices and determines if they're ready for regulatory submission. No MMC 220 No 612-625-5914
Genetics/Genomic Expression Analysis Facility Provides a variety of platforms and applications for quantifying gene expression levels in almost any species of interest. No 1-246 Hasselmo Hall No 612-625-7736
Auxiliary Services Fleet Services Provides University vehicles for rent, lease, or purchase. No 901 - 29th Avenue SE, Mpls No 612-625-3033
Genetics/Genomic Genotyping Facility Employs a state-of-the-art Sequenom System and an Affymetrix GeneChip MegAllele System for SNP genotyping No 1-202 Hasselmo Hall No 612-624-3177
Fabrication/Repair Glass Technology Service Provides fabrication and repair of scientific glass and laboratory equipment, consulting, quartz repair and fabrication, cutting, and grinding. Yes 49 Smith Hall No 612-625-9573
Biology/Biochem High Throughput Biological Analysis (HTBA) Facility A Biodale consortium resource that provides advanced lab automation and software tools for high-throughput screening, automated colony picking, and macro-arraying and a range of other applications to academic users as well as scientists from industry. No 140 Cargill Bldg No 612-624-6758
Imaging Human Dimensioning Lab Provides tools to measure the static and dynamic human form, map the body/product interface, and produce and test prototypes. No 240 McNeal Hall No 612-624-9700
Clinical/ Translational Sciences IND/IDE Assistance Program Offers free education and assistance resource for faculty researchers conducting human subject research involving drugs and medical devices. Assists with filing the IND/IDE with FDA and keeping the sponsor-investigator compliant with applicable FDA regulations and University policies. No check website No 612-626-2318
Ecology/Environment LacCore: National Lacustrine Core Facility Provides expertise, equipment, and instrumentation in support of the collection and study of lake sediment cores. No check website No 612-626-7889
Clinical/ Translational Sciences Masonic Cancer Center Comparative Pathology Shared Resource Provides full pathology and research-design support from the initial to final stages of the project. Services include histology, immunohistochemistry, lesion analysis, interpretation, and imaging. No 224 Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine No 612-624-2242
Chem/Chem Eng Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Provides analysis by Bruker Biotof II, Bruker Reflex III, VG 70SE and Finnigan MAT 95. No 193 Kolthoff Hall No 612-625-8099
Imaging Minnesota NMR Center (MNMR) Provides state-of-the art high-field and ultrahigh-field instruments and expertise for solution and solid-state NMR. Core focus areas are structural biology, metabolomics, small molecules, and soft and hard matter. No G-205 Mayo No 612-625-2957
Genetics/Genomic Mouse Genetics Laboratory Provides a comprehensive range of mouse embryo manipulation services. No check website No 612-626-5825
Physical Sci/Engineering Nano Fabrication Center Supports faculty and industrial research within IT to support education, research, and industrial collaboration in microelectronics and other related research involving nanofabrication. No 1-165 Keller Hall No 612-624-8005
Imaging NMR Lab Provides access to NMR equipment and techniques primarily for chemistry departmental research. No 194 and 196 Kolthoff Hall No 612-625-8374
Fabrication/Repair Northern Lights Technology Center Provides design and rapid prototyping services for industry and University research. No NRRI Building 5013 Miller Trunk Hwy Duluth, MN 55811 No 218-720-4259
Statistical Services Nutrition Coordinating Center Maintains a comprehensive research-quality food and nutrient database linked to interactive interview software, the Nutrition Data System for Research. No 300 WBOB No 612-626-9450
Statistical Services Office of Measurement Services (OMS) OMS has recently strengthened their serviceability with the absorption of the Health Survey Research Center (HSRC) and the Minnesota Center for Survey Research (MCSR). Offers strategic measurement and assessment consulting. Specializes in assessment and evaluation of performance management, training and development, service quality, and events and conferences. Yes 103 University Stores 879 - 29th Avenue SE No 612-626-0006
Biology/Biochem Oligonucleotide and Peptide Synthesis Facility Specializes in automated synthesis of Oligonucleotides. No 1-202 Hasselmo Hall No 612-624-3177
Physical Sci/Engineering Particle Technology Laboratory Offers resources for small particle research as one of the nation's leading centers. No 3102 Mechanical Engineering No 612-625-2537
Biology/Biochem Peptide Synthesis Facility Specializes in automated synthesis of Peptides. No 1-202 Hasselmo Hall No 612-624-3177
Ecology/Environment Plant Disease Clinic The University of Minnesota Plant Disease Clinic is a multi-disciplinary diagnostic laboratory that provides testing for: fungal, bacterial, viral, and other plant health conditions for commercial growers and the general public. The goal of the Plant Disease Clinic is to provide our clients with an accurate, unbiased diagnosis. Yes 1519 Gortner Ave, 105 Stakman Hall, St. Paul, MN 55108 No 612-625-1275
Ecology/Environment Plant Growth Facilities East & West Approximately two acres of greenhouse facilities supports head houses, teaching rooms, environmental chambers, and a high security containment facility for insects. No 1908 Dudley Ave, St. Paul 1552 Gortner Ave, St. Paul No 612-624-3631
Chem/Chem Eng Research Analytical Laboratory Provides inorganic chemical analysis for soil, water, feeds, foods, compost, plant or animal tissue, and other materials. No 135 Crops Research Building No 612-625-3101
Clinical/Translational Sciences Research Project Management Supports clinical translational research project development through assistance with budget preparation, research contracts, and creation of a Good Clinical Practice (GCP)-compliant protocol. No check website No 612-626-2318
Clinical/Translational Sciences Research Subjects Advocate Ensures studies are designed and conducted safely and ethically with protection of human subjects accorded the highest priority. No check website No 612-624-2621
Genetics/Genomic RNAi Core Facility Provides easy and economical access to the latest in whole genome RNAi collections through the Open Access Program from Open Biosystems. No 1-202 Hasselmo Hall No 612-624-3177
Info Tech & Computing Scientific Development and Visualization Laboratory Provides researchers access to technology and expertise necessary to carry out successful state-of-the-art supercomputing. Enables researchers to interactively visualize their supercomputer-generated data. Pr