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UM Submission Instructions: David & Lucile Packard Fellowships for Science & Engineering 2023

Sponsor: David & Lucile Packard Foundation ,David & Lucile Packard Foundation ,David & Lucile Packard Foundation ,David & Lucile Packard Foundation ,David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Award Title: David & Lucile Packard Fellowships for Science & Engineering
Amount: $875,000
Recipients will receive individual grants of $875,000 distributed over five years. Of the $175,000 paid each year, $17,500 is available to the university as compensation for administrative costs.
UM Deadline: 02/24/2023
Sponsor Deadline: 04/20/2023
Description: The Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering program invests in future leaders who have the freedom to take risks, explore new frontiers in their fields of study, and follow uncharted paths that may lead to groundbreaking discoveries. This program allows the nation's most promising professors to pursue science and engineering research early in their careers with few funding restrictions and limited paperwork requirements. Fellows must be faculty members who are eligible to serve as principal investigators engaged in research in the natural and physical sciences or engineering and must be within the first three years of their faculty careers.
Number of Applicants University is Allowed to submit: 2
Additional Requirements: New faculty
Sponsor Guidelines:
UM Nominations Process: Interested potential candidates should submit the candidate materials as a single pdf document to no later than 4pm on 2/24, with the letters sent separately also by 4pm on 2/24:

1. Curriculum Vitae including publications.(3 page limit)
2. Current external research support.
3. Research statement by the nominee: Describe why the research is important and outline general goals for the next five years. Also indicate, in general, how funds will be used. This need not be a detailed budget. An additional page may be included for figures, images, references.(Limit to 1400 words - maximum of two pages of text, prepared in 12-point found with 1-inch margins. If there are relevant figures, images or references, please include these separately on a third page)
4. Four Reference Letters: One from nominee's department head and three from external referees. At least one recommendation must be from a person who has had no supervisory or collaborative contact with the nominee. Per the instructions from Packard, letters should not exceed two pages and should be prepared in 12-point font with 1-inch margins. The letters may be addressed to Amy Kircher, Associate Vice President for Research, Office of the Vice President for Research. Final nominees must resubmit reference letters directly to the Packard Foundation by their deadline of April 20, 2023.

Letters should be sent directly to from the referees (Subject title: "Packard Nominee Name Reference Letter"). The internal competition should be completed by mid March so that the names of the U of MN nominee(s) chosen in the internal competition can be forwarded to the Foundation by March 15. Final application materials are due to the Packard Foundation by April 20. Please direct any questions about this competition to
Peer Review Coordination: Office of the VP for Research contact email
Status: PIs Selected. The following #applicantsallowed# PIs are the official UM nominees:
Jeff Tithof, Mechanical Engineering,
Helen Vuong, Pediatrics
Please note: To be considered for peer review and internal selection, faculty must follow the above submission guidelines and meet the UM deadline as set by the office coordinating the peer review for this opportunity.

General Information

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  • Status:
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    • In Review: Peer review process is in progress for the opportunity.
    • PI Selected: The PI has been selected as the official UM nominee.
    • Closed: Sponsor deadline has passed and the opportunity is closed for application.
U of M Submission Instructions (Required)

This link includes summary sponsor information, specific instructions for internal submission and contact information for the university office coordinating the nomination process.

  • Follow the directions in the submission instructions and submit required materials by the UM deadline to the contact indicated.
  • Instructions vary according to the requirements of the sponsor and the university office coordinating the nomination process.
Registration (optional)

Registration is an optional but highly recommended feature. Perhaps you are looking for a wider audience for your proposal idea, or for potential collaborators to work with to create a stronger application. Registration allows applicants to share proposal ideas and post contact information.

Registration also provides information that helps the university office overseeing the nomination to determine the level of coordination needed and guide the review process.

To register (or view registrants), click on the UM Submission Instructions for a specific opportunity, then click on the Register Interest link.

Selection Process

  • Once the internal deadline has passed, the status will change to “In Review” and proposals will undergo review.
  • If there are multiple applicants, the office managing the nomination will determine the review criteria and coordinate the review process.
  • Once review has been completed all parties will be notified via email.
  • Nominees will be provided with a letter addressed to the sponsor from the OVPR indicating that they are the university's nominee. This letter should accompany the nominee's proposal.
  • SPA is notified of the university's nominee(s) and the status is updated to “PI Selected”.

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