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UM Submission Instructions: The NCI Pathway to Independence Award for Outstanding Early Stage Postdoctoral Researchers 2023

Sponsor: National Cancer Institute (NCI),National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Award Title: The NCI Pathway to Independence Award for Outstanding Early Stage Postdoctoral Researchers
See RFAs for details
UM Deadline: 12/05/2022
Sponsor Deadline: 02/28/2023
Description: Please note this competition also includes those applying for RFA-CA-22-035, RFA-CA-22-036, and RFA-CA-22-037.

For more information, please see:
Number of Applicants University is Allowed to submit: 3
Additional Requirements: None
Sponsor Guidelines:
UM Nominations Process: Masonic Cancer Center: A one-page description of the candidate’s research strategy, including identified Scientific Area (see RFA), mentor’s Biosketch, and the candidate’s CV/biosketch - should be emailed to Susan Rottschaefer by 5pm, Monday, Dec. 5th. These will be reviewed by the Masonic Cancer Center Director and appointed committee to determine designation of nominees.

Masonic Cancer Center Review and designation of final nominee: Dec. 16, 2022

(Please note: The selected nominee will be required to submit the fully completed application.)
NCI Deadlines:
Full Application due Feb. 28th, 2023
Peer Review Coordination: Masonic Cancer Center contact email
Status: PIs Selected. The following #applicantsallowed# PIs are the official UM nominees:
Noelle Gillis, Cancer Center,
Sarah Lucht, Pediatrics
Please note: To be considered for peer review and internal selection, faculty must follow the above submission guidelines and meet the UM deadline as set by the office coordinating the peer review for this opportunity.

General Information

  • Each posting has information about the external sponsor and opportunity as well as the internal application instructions.
  • Opportunities can be sorted by column headings; just click on the heading to re-sort by that column.
  • When a link redirects you to another site, it opens in a new browser window.
  • If you know of an opportunity that is not on the list, please contact Robyn Kennedy.
Column Descriptions

  • Sponsor: redirects you to the sponsor's main website
  • Title/Guidelines: redirects you to sponsor specific information regarding the opportunity which may include description, eligibility, budget instructions, forms and other requirements
  • Amount: Maximum dollar amount awarded.
  • Add’l Req: Identifies special requirements such as cost sharing, partners, etc.
  • Sponsor Deadline: External deadline identified by the sponsor.
  • UM Submission Instructions: Contains specific internal submission requirements including internal proposal instructions, deadline, eligibility, internal nomination process, contact information.
  • # Apps: The maximum number of applications the sponsor will allow the university to submit.
  • UM Deadline: Submission deadline for internal proposal as determined by the coordinating office.
  • Status:
    • Open: UM deadline has not passed and the opportunity is open for application.
    • In Review: Peer review process is in progress for the opportunity.
    • PI Selected: The PI has been selected as the official UM nominee.
    • Closed: Sponsor deadline has passed and the opportunity is closed for application.
U of M Submission Instructions (Required)

This link includes summary sponsor information, specific instructions for internal submission and contact information for the university office coordinating the nomination process.

  • Follow the directions in the submission instructions and submit required materials by the UM deadline to the contact indicated.
  • Instructions vary according to the requirements of the sponsor and the university office coordinating the nomination process.
Registration (optional)

Registration is an optional but highly recommended feature. Perhaps you are looking for a wider audience for your proposal idea, or for potential collaborators to work with to create a stronger application. Registration allows applicants to share proposal ideas and post contact information.

Registration also provides information that helps the university office overseeing the nomination to determine the level of coordination needed and guide the review process.

To register (or view registrants), click on the UM Submission Instructions for a specific opportunity, then click on the Register Interest link.

Selection Process

  • Once the internal deadline has passed, the status will change to “In Review” and proposals will undergo review.
  • If there are multiple applicants, the office managing the nomination will determine the review criteria and coordinate the review process.
  • Once review has been completed all parties will be notified via email.
  • Nominees will be provided with a letter addressed to the sponsor from the OVPR indicating that they are the university's nominee. This letter should accompany the nominee's proposal.
  • SPA is notified of the university's nominee(s) and the status is updated to “PI Selected”.

*If you have questions about the University's process related to extramural funding opportunities requiring nomination or if you have any technical issues with the site, contact

For questions, please contact OVPR's Research Advancement group.